Art and Photography
Online Classes
Taught by 
Meg Navarro

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Online Art Classes

For Kids

Ages 5 - 13

Whether your kid loves drawing animals, dinosaurs, unicorns, flowers, or landscapes, they will learn to draw realistically and skyrocket their creativity.


Online Art Classes for High School

Is your teen serious about wanting to learn to draw realistically? Do they want to have fun and exercise their creativity? This class will take your teen's drawing and creativity skills to the next level! 


A-G option is available for A-G students. 


Online Photography Class For Kids Ages 8 - 13

Does your child love taking pictures? This class teaches kids to take amazing photos with their phone, iPad, camera, or D-SLR! 


Online Photography Class for High School

What makes a photo amazing and how can you achieve that? Teens will learn in this online class as they take photos with their phone, camera, or D-SLR.


A-G option is available for A-G students.