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Online Photography Class For Kids & Teens

high school Photography & photography for kids

Learn to take amazing photos

while having fun at the same time!

  • Flexible Learning: Choose live-Zoom, pre-recorded videos, or enjoy both for a personalized learning experience!

  • Suitable for All Levels: Both beginner and advanced options are included to accommodate every student's skill level.

  • Unlimited Support: Get Q&A help and support whenever you need it - we're here for you!

  • Incredible Value: All of this is included at no extra cost - better than a buy one get one free deal!

  • Earn Credits: A-G / VAPA credit is available at most homeschool charter schools for high schoolers, or take it as a fun elective! Ask us if your school is one of the schools we partner with to award you A-G/ VAPA credit!

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Discover the exciting world of photography in our fun class for kids and teens!

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  • With just at least one hour a week, your child can explore their creativity, and there are optional extra lessons for those who want more. Photography can be a relaxing and enjoyable escape during busy high school days.

  • Our photography class is the perfect antidote to perfectionism and self-doubt. With expert guidance and a fun approach, EVERYONE can learn to take amazing photos. 

  • Elevate your child's creativity from home! Our photography class offers top-quality instruction through high-quality pre-recorded videos and interactive live Zoom sessions. Your child will receive personalized and encouraging guidance from the instructor on their pictures. With voice recording feedback and real-time Zoom support, it's like having a mentor right in the room.

  • Are you not a Zoom person? Say Goodbye to Zoom Burnout! Our pre-recorded photography class offers a refreshing approach - skip the live Zoom sessions and enjoy pre-recorded lessons! Students love the flexibility of pausing, rewinding, and watching at their convenience. Rediscover the joy of learning with our engaging and stress-free program.

Don't Miss Our Exclusive Offer: Enroll in our photography class now to enjoy Live-Zoom and Pre-Recorded classes - two incredible learning experiences for the price of one! Your student can participate in the Zoom sessions or the pre-recorded video sessions or both, at no extra charge. 

Witness the magic! Join our online photography class and watch your child transform from ordinary snapshots to capturing breathtaking images! Don't miss the chance to explore their hidden talent - see impressive work  from our past students:

Why should you Enroll in high school photography and photography for kids!?



Our online photography class offers unlimited support from our amazing instructors via Voxer (think walkie-talkie), so your child will never feel stuck on their photography journey! They can also choose to join fun live Zoom classes, where they'll learn, improve their skills, and unleash their full potential behind the lens!



Join our online photography class and watch pre-recorded videos on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can learn whenever you want! For interactive fun, join live Zoom sessions weekly or whenever you feel like it, and embark on an exciting journey into the world of photography!



Spark creativity and grow their minds! Join our online photography class to explore imagination and learn unique skills beyond regular subjects, making learning fun and exciting for your child.  Unleash their potential as they capture unforgettable moments with joy and enthusiasm behind the lens!

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About Me


I’ve been teaching art and photography for over a decade, and my specialty is helping kids grow their confidence and creativity through realistic drawings, vibrant artwork, and photos! I encourage my students to not get caught up in perfectionism but rather to enjoy the process, which further unleashes creativity.

Meg Navarro
Course Creator
Hover to discover surprising benefits of practicing photography.

Photography Helps You:

  1. Elevate academic performance through visual learning.

  2. Ignite boundless creativity and unleash problem-solving prowess

  3. Foster confidence and independence in self-expression.

  4. Enhance attention span and laser-sharp focus.

  5. Hone fine motor skills for precision and dexterity.

  6. Cultivate critical-thinking abilities through visual analysis.

  7. Increase your brain plasticity


High School Photography & Photography for Kids

Learn to take spectacular photos like a pro!

Join our online photography class to learn how to take amazing photos using your smartphone, digital camera or D-SLR. With expert guidance and unlimited support, you'll master design, composition, portraits, creative photography, food photography, landscapes, concept photography, and more!

This Photography class is about more than just taking beautiful photos. It's a creative experience that helps you learn observation and critical thinking, overcome perfectionism, and fall in love with learningWhat other class offers personal growth and tangible rewards like capturing timeless moments with family and friends that you can frame or share on social media?

In this online class, you will learn how to:

  • Unlock the secrets to getting more social media reactions with Insta-worthy photos!

  • Learn to capture the beauty of nature and pose friends and family flawlessly.

  • Master the tricks used by famous photographers for classic and trendy styles.

  • Take mouthwatering food photos

  • Ignite your creativity by using everyday items from your house and the dollar store to add unique effects to any picture!


How is High School Photography different from other classes?

High school photography includes everything you need to reach truly remarkable

levels of success in taking pictures:


  • Opt for live Zoom, pre-recorded videos, or enjoy the best of both worlds!

  • Get access to both beginner and advanced lessons.

  • All is included at no extra cost - it's even better than buy one get one free!


Why You Should Join Our Photography Class:

  • Attend a fun and interactive Weekly Live Zoom photography class where you can learn, get feedback, and be encouraged by an amazing instructor and your classmates.

  • Enjoy high-quality, pre-recorded photography video lessons with choices for both beginners and advanced learners every week.

  • Get unlimited Q&A support from one of our amazing instructors through voice recordings.

  • Receive helpful grading and encouraging feedback on your work that inspires you to excel in your photography journey.

  • Learn photography at your own pace, anytime, and from anywhere, and add your creative touch to every project.


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Join our High School Photography and Photography for Kids class anytime! Secure your spot today to enjoy interactive live sessions and maximize your learning experience!

See your photography skills soar! This course guarantees a skyrocketing improvement in your photography, leading to a beautiful portfolio of photos you'll love to frame, share with family and friends, and even enter contests with confidence!

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She really is the best and I highly recommend her!


"Meg far exceeded our expectations for both the writing and art classes my kids took. She went above and beyond for each of them. I couldn't be more thrilled with her as a teacher. She really is the best and I highly recommend her!!"

- Becky Zale

Loves his drawing class!


"My son loves his drawing class! He can't wait to show me what he learned after every class!"

- Rachel Mahrle


Our daughter is having fun and learning!


"I always knew our daughter was creative/talented. I just couldn't figure out how to get that on paper. Ms. Navarro did just that! Not only is our daughter excelling in her artistic abilities, but she is having fun AND learning. I look forward to viewing her weekly creations and hearing about the benefits of the different "tools" she uses in class."

- Keta Thelen

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