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I'm Meg Navarro


I’m on a mission to empower kids to become confident in their creativity so they can

Overcome any Obstacle

Achieve their biggest dreams


Change the World

        Over the past decade, I’ve taught hundreds of students how to bring their creativity to the table. From learning to draw with stunning  realism – even if they used to struggle with stick figures to self-publishing their first novels on Amazon to taking inspired photos, my classes are designed to turn students into lifelong learners.

My Photography:



As a kid, sometimes I thought I was a good artist. Other times, crippled by perfectionism, I crumpled my drawings and told myself I would never be good enough.


I wanted to win contests. I wanted to create beautiful, lifelike art that would make people smile. And I wanted to feel good about myself and my ability to create.

megs painting.jpg

I spent a ton of time practicing, but

despite my efforts, my drawings just weren't accurate.

I didn’t discover why until I was a senior in high school and studied at an art school in Portland, Oregon.

My mom, who was also homeschooling my 16-year-old sister and running after three children under age five, drove me an hour each way twice a week.


(Sometimes, kids treat parents like chauffeurs, but aren't moms actually superheros?! 

I’m not sure how she managed, but I’m thankful, because it changed my life.)


I was delighted to find that my students improved as fast - or faster - than I had.


I proved to myself and to my students that accurately drawing what you see is a skill anyone can master when using the correct techniques.


At the beginning of senior year, I struggled to draw a cloud that didn't look like a sheep, but by Christmas, I had improved so much that the director invited me to teach. She trained me in a method that broke concepts down into a formula that made it easy to teach and easy for my students to get incredible results.

Previously, I was making the same three mistakes that so many new Artists make:

1. I was wasting time practicing techniques that didn’t actually work. To help my students avoid similar frustration, I developed an efficient, brain-activating method that has helped hundreds of my students learn to draw realistically.

2. I was trying to draw out of my head, but, like almost all people, I don’t have a photographic memory. On the other hand, learning to accurately copy what you see is a skill anyone can master, which allows you to draw anything.

3. I was trying to draw advanced subjects when I was at a beginner skill level. Would you throw algebra problems at a kindergartener? Of course not! Yet many don’t realize the same concept applies to art.  To avoid frustration, I created ten levels in my curriculum with a unique process that sets you up for success to quickly and easily advance.


The Fall after graduation, I moved to California and launched Megapixels School of the Arts, which began as two small art classes for some kids at my church and grew over time.


I now teach online because I’m able to provide the same

 personalized, high-quality instruction 

while giving homeschool moms a break to sneak into the other room and enjoy a much needed coffee retreat with their favorite book instead of having to shuttle kids to yet another activity.

I love helping students who have a passion for art, photography, or writing to hone their talents. Because I went through the same process myself, one of my greatest joys is helping children transform:

From Discouraged to Empowered

From Novice to Talented


From Dreading School to becoming lifelong learners.

Are you ready to help your kids fall in love with learning and become creative thinkers through online classes that will give you extra free time instead of adding stress to your busy life?


Click the Button Below to Get Started


My Professional Bio

Meg Navarro helps kids develop character, confidence, and creativity through online classes in art, photography, and creative writing. She has a double BA in Communications and Humanities – Art and Writing. She developed a step-by-step, brain-activating method to teach students how to draw with lifelike realism while infusing their art with their own personal style and creativity - even if they previously could barely draw stick figures. In her free time, Meg enjoys making human pyramids with her acro friends, dancing, and exploring the beach.

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