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Unleash your boundless creativity, create abstract artwork, transform your creations into stunning greeting cards, and design watercolor paintings! Experience a world of artistic adventure through marbling magic with shaving cream, mastering color mixing, and blending, crafting lace-like textures using paper doilies, infusing textures with salt, rice, and more! Get ready to soar, create, and explore, making your artistic journey a vibrant masterpiece!

Time Commitment: In this class, you will learn 14 fun watercolor painting techniques and most students spend less than an hour on each lesson.

Age & Skill Level: This class is for kids ages 5 and up and it is great for beginners.

You can attend live sessions, watch pre-recorded videos, or both!

Watercolor Painiting | Fun & Easy

What you'll get:

  • 14 weeks’ worth of pre-recorded video lessons

  • 5 months of access to the class

  • Live online sessions - most weeks during the school year. Live sessions are divided based on age, and students vote on drawing topics. 

  • Unlimited support from your instructor through a voice-recording app or text

  • Extra credit projects (if you want)

  • We will send a supply list with Amazon links, or you can use supplies you already have.


per semester

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