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Prophetic Art Tutorial - How to Find Symbolic Meaning and Mood in Lines and Color Part 1

Updated: May 15

Try this by yourself or with your kids! Create your own design before you listen to me explain the meaning of the various types of lines. This will help you create art that flows from your heart rather than from your head.

Next, ask yourself, or pray and ask God for a message, meaning, story, or symbol in your art. If you have trouble coming up with something, feel free to use the cheat sheet that I verbally mentioned in the video.

By the way, after I stopped recording the video, God inspired me with a story meaning for this picture, which I'll share in the next video.

This project is a fun way to explore symbolism in art and prophetic art, and I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

What is prophetic art? It's when Holy Spirit inspires you with an encouraging message or story built right into your art!

Don't look at this "cheat sheet" until after you do the glue bit of this exercise!

CHEAT SHEET: The Meanings of Lines

Horizontal - stable, frozen in time, lack of change

Vertical - stability, peace

Jagged / Irregular - unease, fear, tension

Diagonal - action, powerful

Spiral - bold, dynamic, vertigo, journey, moving around a central point

Leading Lines - any sort of line that leads the viewer's eye toward a focal point. For example, a road.

Remember, you can also make your lines look like something, such as a heart or flower, but abstract is pretty fun for this exercise.

In Part 2, we will talk about potential meanings of color as we add watercolor paint.

Want to learn how to create cool watercolor art? I teach both these techniques and a whole lot more in my class Fun, Easy Watercolor Painting. That class does not contain any spiritual content, but rather it focuses exclusively on the art side of things. You can sign up by clicking the classes tab of this website or email me: or call/text me: 858-218-6679‬.

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