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PART 2: Prophetic Art Tutorial - Lines

Prophetic art tutorial PART 2

Watch Part 1 Here:

Try this by yourself or with your kids!

This project is a fun way to explore symbolism in art and prophetic art, and I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

What is prophetic art? It's when Holy Spirit inspires you with an encouraging message or story built right into your art!

The message for this piece: When you feel like your life is a tangled mess of yarn, be a playful kitten! Play and enjoy the process. Trust God with the results.

P.S. The red in this painting could symbolize anger at the chaos in our lives, but when transformed by God, the anger could turn to passion for enjoying the process of work such as artwork, schoolwork or work for your job/business. Passion and anger can each be symbolized by the color red. The yellow in this picture symbolizes joy. The orange is refreshment like an orange that you eat.

I offer an online class where I teach this easy watercolor glue resist and other creative watercolor tricks for beginners. See the Classes tab for more info! Homeschoolers who are part of charter schools such as Inspire or Ocean Grove etc. can get these classes for free! (I don't discuss Christian content in that class, however). You can also join my email list (see the pink box on the home page of my website) for free art tutorials that I don't offer on YouTube or this blog.

Comment and post a picture of your art and/ or the meaning behind it!

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