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Amazon Prime Day and the Best Deals on Cameras!!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Jennifer, a member of our team who loves photography, has done a lot of research, and here are some cameras you might want to check out!

Update: This is the camera that Megapixels recommend based on the budget that most students have. There are nicer cameras if you have a bigger budget but for less than $400, this is the most ideal. We’ve also considered the number of good reviews this particular product has:

June 21 is known throughout the world as Prime Day, where many of the big sales on electronics and other goods sold on Amazon are cut by half. For all of you Megapixels photography students, this could be your chance to acquire some fantastic deals in cameras or lenses. Right now, Nikon, Canon, and Sony are listed to have some of the biggest discounts for tomorrow. We’ve come up with a list of those bargains for you to check out right here! Let’s get to it!

These are not affiliate links and we do not receive any incentives for recommending them. Just trying to be helpful! <3


While Prime Day will not reveal the big sales til the day arrives, you may watch out for these DSLR camera models and bundles. Their prices might just drop tomorrow.


If you already have a DSLR and want to invest in lenses here are some deals worth

watching for.

Smart Phones

If you would rather use a mobile phone to take pictures. There are so many brands that have amazing cameras to watch out for on Prime Day. Here are some picks,

Samsung - Samsung by far takes the best pictures overall. A premium Samsung phone like a Galaxy 21 has the most features, bells and whistles anyone can ask for in a mobile phone. The drawback is that it can be quite pricey. Fret not! Samsung has some equally brilliant phones that take stunning pictures for half the price With their Galaxy A52 model.

Iphone - I chose the Iphone 12 because it was the least expensive but has excellent low light features. But if you want the link on all Iphone selections, click here

1 plus 8 Pro - according to an article by Creative bloq, this model gets the most bang for your buck!

There you have it, a listing of possible sweet deals for tomorrow’ Prime day to make your shopping experience a bit easier and hopefully more fun!

Good Luck and don't forget to sign up for our photography classes!

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