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Online Art Classes
Taught by Meg's Team


We are on a mission to empower kids to become confident in their creativity so they can

Overcome any Obstacle


Change the World

Live Ongoing Classes for Age 7 - 12

Photography Kids Club

Photography Kids Club

Take Creative Photos with Your Phone or D-SLR


Draw Dragons

Inspired by Wings of Fire & How to Train Your Dragon


Draw Realistic Animals!

Draw a new animal each week!

Achieve their biggest dreams

Live One-Time Classes for Age 7 - 12


Draw a Realistic Rose!


Draw Realistic Animals:


OS Bunny (1).png

Draw Realistic Animals -



Draw a Dragon!

Copy of OS Unicorn (1).png

Draw a Unicorn!

flip dolphin.jpg

Draw Realistic Animals: Dolphin

About the Instructors


Meg Navarro

Meg Navarro helps kids develop character, confidence, and creativity through online classes in art, photography, and creative writing. She has a double BA in Communications and Humanities – Art and Writing. She developed a step-by-step, brain-activating method to teach students how to draw with lifelike realism while infusing their art with their own personal style and creativity - even if they previously could barely draw stick figures. In her free time, Meg enjoys making human pyramids with her acro friends, dancing, and exploring the beach.


More info on our other instructors coming soon!

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