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Under the Sea

Summer Art Camp Online

Students will learn how to…

· Draw realistic sea creatures in their habitats

· Create backgrounds

· Learn fun sea creature facts

· Tell a story with their art

· Mix, layer and blend colors

· Add depth to make the picture pop

· Increase creativity

All the Info

Skill level: Choose from two wildly fun online art workshops:

beginning or intermediate level.

Ages: There are two separate workshops to choose from based on skill level. Beginning level workshop is geared toward ages 5-10 and intermediate level workshop is geared toward ages 10 - teens. Students of any age may take either workshop.

Format: Pre-recorded online art videos. Your child can watch the videos and draw anytime during the week. Your videos will be in a private members-only Facebook group OR if you prefer, I can load the same content on Google classroom for you.

What if my child needs help or has questions? Your workshop experience comes with my unlimited help and support via a voice recording app or texting, so your child never has to worry about getting stuck.

Number of lessons: There will be three lessons per workshop, so students will each draw three animals or more.

Dates for camp: enrollment is currently open! The camp is self-paced. Some students do one project a day for three days and other students spend about a week to complete the camp. If you need more time, just let me know!

Times: The videos are pre-recorded, so your child can watch them anytime during the workshop session. Each camp contains 3 projects and each project will take most students between 45 minutes and two hours to complete. Some students break the lessons up, spending a couple of days working on each project, while others do it in one sitting. 

Tuition: discounted rate is $47 per student. Charter funds or check or PayPal accepted.

About the Instructor: Hi! I’m Meg Navarro and I’ve taught online art for years. I love helping kids grow their confidence and creativity through creating realistic drawings and vibrant artwork!

Supplies you will need to gather:

Beginning level workshop supplies: Regular pencil, printer paper or construction paper, and eraser. Also, choose something to add color: pastels or crayons, or supercrayons. Glitter crayons are a fun option too! You can substitute supplies you already have!

Intermediate level workshop supplies: Regular pencil, watercolor paper, a small paint brush, and eraser. Also, choose something to add color: washable markers or watercolor pencils or watercolor paint. You can substitute supplies you already have!

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