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Spellbinding stories and Novels?

You Can!

Creative Writing

Creative Writing
Classes for Ages 8-18

Learn to write  

amazing stories or fan fiction

while having fun at the same time!

Reading in Tent
  • Exciting Videos: Watch fun and interesting lessons that will spark your creativity and make learning enjoyable!

  • Options for All Ages: The course has different sections for kids of all ages, so you'll have a fantastic experience that suits you.

  • Write Amazing Stories: Discover the writer inside you and start creating your own novels or short tales. 

  • Create Magical Plots: Craft enchanting stories that will captivate readers and leave them eager for more.

  • Meet Incredible Characters: Bring heroes, villains, and unforgettable personalities to life in your stories.

  • Feedback from a Pro: Get mentoring, feedback, and helpful tips from Published Author and Professional Editor, Kate Luvara, to improve your writing.

Unlock Your Potential: Sign up now to unleash your imagination and become an excellent storyteller!

Discover the ultimate writing experience in this creative writing class!

Piles of Books
Daydreaming on Bed
  • With just one hour a week, your child can explore their creativity, and there are optional extra lessons for those who want to devote more time. Creative Writing can be a relaxing and enjoyable escape during busy high school days.

  • Unlock your true potential with guidance from Kacie, a professionally published author who also works as an editor. No matter your doubts about your manuscript or story, you'll have help every step of the way. In fun pre-recorded videos, Meg Navarro will share the secret to crafting incredible stories that will leave you amazed at your writing talent and help you move past perfectionism and self-doubt. 

  • Uncover an extraordinary writing journey right from your home! Engage in high-quality pre-recorded videos that offer top-quality writing instruction, just like in-person classes. Your awesome instructor will provide you with personalized feedback on 1000 word excerpt from your story as well as unlimited feedback on shorter segments, including voice recordings, and written feedback, making you feel as if she's by your side, helping you become an exceptional writer!

  • Are you not a Zoom person? Say Goodbye to Zoom Burnout! Our creative writing class offers a refreshing approach - you can enjoy pre-recorded lessons! Students love the flexibility of pausing, rewinding, and watching at their convenience. Rediscover the joy of learning with our engaging and stress-free program.

Witness the magical transformation as we guide students from battling writer's block to crafting their captivating short story, fanfiction, or novel with confidence and joy!


 Student Success Story


Carlee Zale

Check out her books!

Valentine's Day in Spruce Hollow.jpg
Valentine's Day in Spruce Hollow reviews.PNG

Written at 14 years old

Costumes and Criminals_review 2.PNG
Costumes and Criminals_review 1.PNG

Written at 12 years old

Why should you Enroll in creative Writing!?



You never have to worry about being stuck. You'll receive unlimited and prompt question-and-answer help from one of our amazing instructors through Voxer (think walkie-talkie)! Ms. Kacie will also provide feedback on a 1000-word excerpt from your story as well as shorter segments.



Join our online creative writing class and watch pre-recorded videos on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can learn whenever you want! !



Ignite boundless creativity and supercharge young minds with Creative Writing, where students explore unique skills not found in most school subjects, all while enjoying an exciting and fun learning adventure!

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About Me


I have a double BA in Communictions and Humanities - Art and Writing and I’ve been teaching art and creative writing for over a decade. I encourage my students to not get caught up in perfectionism but rather to enjoy the process, which further unleashes creativity.

Meg Navarro
 Course Creator
Hover to discover surprising benefits of creative writing

Creative Writing Helps You:

  1. Boost academic performance through enhanced expression and communication.

  2. Unleash boundless creativity, fostering imaginative problem-solving skills.

  3. Cultivate self-assurance and independence in self-expression.

  4. Strengthen attention span and sharpen focus for better concentration.

  5. Hone fine motor skills through penmanship and artistic expression or work on your typing speed.

  6. Build sharp critical-thinking abilities by crafting compelling narratives.

  7. Unlock brain plasticity, paving the way for limitless growth and adaptability.

Meet your writing mentor!

Kacie is a trained writer and actor with BA degrees in English and Performing Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University, the American Conservatory Theater, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She works as a professional editor and is an active member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and has published her first book, "A Trip to Elsewhere." She is also a total dork, especially when it comes to anime, WEBTOONs, and Greek gods.


kacie for mp website.png

What parents say about Kacie...


Creative Writing 1

Write a novel or short stories! Craft a spellbinding plot, invent dynamic characters, and participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) as you write your original story or fanfiction!

Creative Writing is designed to be a fun, unofficially therapeutic experience, to help students learn perseverance while overcoming perfectionism, and to fall in love with writing. What other skill helps you with all of that while resulting in publishable stories you can use to submit to writing organizations or challenges like NaNoWriMo or self-publish your fan fiction?

Image by Jess Bailey
  • Dive into novel writing or master the art of crafting short stories!

  • Learn to paint vivid pictures with your words and create captivating imagery.

  • Weave spellbinding plots that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

  • Bring to life dynamic characters that jump off the page.

  • Create immersive worlds that will transport your readers to extraordinary realms.

  • Embrace the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and pen your original story or fanfiction.

Unleash Your Writing Superpowers:

Writing Notes
Writing a Diary
Girl with Folders

What makes this class different?


Unleash Your Writing Brilliance:

  • Master the art of novel and short story writing, creating spellbinding plots and dynamic characters. Participate in NaNoWriMo to craft your original story, novel, or fan fiction.

  • Dive into pre-recorded video lessons with a PDF workbook, a fantastic free resource that enriches your learning experience.

  • Get unparalleled support from a published author, Kacie, a Megapixels-Certified Instructor, who will provide written or video feedback and answer all your questions within 48 hours but usually much sooner. 

  • Embrace the "encouraging sandwich" peer feedback format: share something you like about the writing, offer constructive suggestions, then finish with another positive comment.

  • Upon completion, continue the journey with Part Two, where you'll refine, edit, illustrate, and even self-publish your work on Amazon (optional). Your writing dreams await!

Here's what the next 18 weeks will look like!

  • Week 1: How to succeed in this class

  • Week 2: Characters

  • Week 3: Story idea

  • Week 4: Conflict

  • Week 5: Plot

  • Week 6: Setting

  • Week 7: Research

  • Week 8: Dialogue

  • Week 9: Get ready to write your first draft!

  • Week 10 - 13: Write your first draft

  • Week 14: Add a subplot

  • Week 15: About the Author

  • Week 16: Title

  • Week 17-18: Ongoing support if you need to catch up. The amount of time a student spends on this class as well as their word count goal is based on the goals of the student and parent (or guardian), and we help you customize it.


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Don't miss out on our Creative Writing class, open for enrollment year-round! Step into a world of creativity and inspiration, and let your writing talents flourish!

Witness your writing skills skyrocket as you embark on this transformative course, crafting a final draft you'll be bursting with pride to publish and even submit to thrilling writing contests. Unleash your full potential and let your words soar to new heights!

88128332_200902660970728_6373715893712584704_n (1).jpg

She really is the best and I highly recommend her!


"Meg far exceeded our expectations for both the writing and art classes my kids took. She went above and beyond for each of them. I couldn't be more thrilled with her as a teacher. She really is the best and I highly recommend her!!"

- Becky Zale

Loves his drawing class!


"My son loves his drawing class! He can't wait to show me what he learned after every class!"

- Rachel Mahrle


Our daughter is having fun and learning!


"I always knew our daughter was creative/talented. I just couldn't figure out how to get that on paper. Ms. Navarro did just that! Not only is our daughter excelling in her artistic abilities, but she is having fun AND learning. I look forward to viewing her weekly creations and hearing about the benefits of the different "tools" she uses in class."

- Keta Thelen

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