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You Can!

For Kids Ages 5 - 12

Introducing the new Megapixels Art Membership...

Draw, Color, Create!


Learn to draw realistically and

unleash your creativity

while having fun

at the same time!

Click the button to start learning art NOW !

I can help you Even if...

  • You want art instruction that is the same quality as an in-person class, but you don't want your kids to sit in a classroom six feet away from other kids wearing a stuffy mask.

       These high-def videos are easier to see than any in-person demonstration! Also, thanks to technology, Miss Meg can even draw on a screenshot of your picture to help you make adjustments to your drawing if needed. Voice recording feedback via text make it feel like she is in the room helping you!

  • Your kids have already tried online classes and they are feeling the Zoom-burnout.

       I have been teaching art online for years, and my pre-recorded classes are more high-def than Zoom and a totally different experience. Students love being able to pause, rewind, and watch the videos whenever is convenient. In addition, students have the option of popping in to one of our live Zoom show-and-tell hangouts.

  • Perfectionism and self-doubt are getting in the way of your talent.

       I’ve experienced huge doses of both, but I also know the antidote.​

       EVERYONE has the ability to learn to create amazing art, and I can show you how and make it fun!​

I've helped countless students transform from struggling with stick figures to drawing with vibrant realism and pizzazz. Check out their art!


Why should your family Enroll in Draw, Color, Create!?


Unlimited Support

You never have to worry about being stuck. You'll receive unlimited and prompt question and answer help from your instructor Meg Navarro via text, email and Voxer (think walkie-talkie)!



You can watch these videos on your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere on YOUR own schedule.



Art classes help students develop creativity and their brain as they practice different skills than they would in most school subjects, and they'll have a fun time learning.

Meg Navarro, 

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About Me


I’ve been teaching art for over a decade, and my specialty is helping children learn to draw realistically while having fun! I encourage my students to not get caught up in perfectionism but rather to enjoy the process, which further unleashes creativity.


Art Helps You:

  1. Improve your academic performance

  2. Grow your creativity, including creative problem solving skills

  3. Gain more confidence and independence

  4. Expand your attention span and ability to focus

  5. Develop your fine motor skills

  6. Build your critical-thinking skills

  7. Increase your brain plasticity

Hover to discover surprising benefits of practicing art.
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 Draw, Color, Create

Learn to draw realistically and increase your creativity while having fun in this art classes membership. Develop the foundational skills you need to take your art to the next level through online art lessons and unlimited support from instructor Meg Navarro.

Megapixels Membership is designed to be a fun, unofficially therapeutic experience, to help students learn perseverance while overcoming perfectionism, and to fall in love with learning. What other skill helps you with all of that while resulting in framable art art you can use to decorate your home?

In this monthly membership,

kids can draw:

  • Animals

  • Unicorns

  • Horses

  • Flowers

  • Dinosaurs
  • Landscapes

  • Dragons


How is the Megapixels Membership different from other art classes?

DRaw, color, Create! includes everything you need to reach truly remarkable

levels of success in Art:


  • High-definition, pre-recorded art video lessons - there are already 2 lessons in the membership site, and I will be adding 2 new lessons each month. Each lesson has multiple variations and does not expire, so your child can do each project multiple times with different colors and details each time.

  • Creativity-boosting drawing prompts (2 per month) to encourage students to sketch in their notebooks around the house and outside

  • Unlimited Q&A with Miss Meg via text or a voice-recording app.

  • Monthly Live Zoom mentoring session where students can interact with Miss Meg and classmates, show off their art, receive encouragement, and ask questions. 

  • Learn art anywhere, anytime and choose your own learning path!

  • Pause and rewind videos to go at your own pace.

  • Increase your realistic drawing skills even at a young age

  • Freedom to be creative and add your own twist to any of the art projects

IMG_5422 (1).JPG

Sign Up Today

To Save Your Spot!

Enrollment in the

Megapixels Membership: 

Draw, Color, Create!

is only open through September 13th!

As you go through this course, your drawing skills will skyrocket, and you’ll have a portfolio of artwork you will feel proud to frame, show off to family and friends, and even enter contests if you wish.


She really is the best and I highly recommend her!


"Meg far exceeded our expectations for both the writing and art classes my kids took. She went above and beyond for each of them. I couldn't be more thrilled with her as a teacher. She really is the best and I highly recommend her!!"

-Becky Zale

Loves his drawing class!


"My son loves his drawing class! He can't wait to show me what he learned after every class!"

-Rachel Mahrle


Our daughter is having fun and learning!


"I always knew our daughter was creative/talented. I just couldn't figure out how to get that on paper. Ms. Navarro did just that! Not only is our daughter excelling in her artistic abilities, but she is having fun AND learning. I look forward to viewing her weekly creations and hearing about the benefits of the different "tools" she uses in class."

-Keta Thelen

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